CONCACAF Champions League

Team logistics & management

In the Quarterfinals of the 2021 edition, there were 3 Liga MX Clubs and 5 MLS Clubs. 


6PM Sports takes care of all your team's needs whilst playing outside of your country, offering the best hospitality for your team staff, players and executives, allowing you to focus on your key performance indicators, offering you: 

  • Best Hotels & Price Negotiations 
  • Local Transportation & Customs Support
  • Daily Security & Police Escorts
  • Luxury Buses, Vans & Equipment Trucks
  • Top Class Training Fields & Facilities
  •  Site Visits Scheduling & Management


"The line of the unattainable is drawn by oneself"

We have successfully MLS Clubs in Mexico and Panama, taking care of every single detail before, during and after their games, making sure they have everything they need to be able to perform at their best throughout the tournament.



MLS Teams: Toronto FC (2018) & Sporting Kansas City (2019)


Countries of execution: Mexico & Panama 


Cities of execution: Monterrey, Guadalajara, Toluca & Panama City 

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