Generation    Adidas Cup

Management of International Youth Clubs 

GA Cup hosts a total of 17  Elite International Teams from 5 different continents. 


As partners of C11 Marketing, 6PM Sports was in charge of ALL the Team Management of the 17 International teams, ensuring they received the highest level of hospitality.

  • Team Management: Top hotels, medical and training facilities.
  • Team Operations: Transportation, meals, and tournament requirements.
  • Team Services: Extra games, training session and activities.


“The Youth is the hope of our Future”

The 6PM staff coordinated and supported the participation of 17 international teams. Providing accommodations, transportation and 24/7 support to make sure ALL International teams had the best experience possible while participating in the tournament.



Youth Players from TOP soccer clubs in the world


Continents  represented in the tournament


ONE 1st Successful Generation Adidas Cup First Edition

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