Leagues Cup

Operation and logistics support for Liga MX clubs

DID YOU KNOW? Just between the United States and Mexico there's an estimated 103 million soccer fans.


Our bilingual team took care of every detail regarding the needs of the Liga MX teams, who were participating in this new international event.

After 3 months of planning and working with MLS and Liga MX, our 6PM team was able to provide the highest level of hospitality and match operation support to; Cruz Azul, Tigres, America and Tijuana.


“You always have to be thinking 3 steps ahead of your competition”

Leagues Cup was an amazing experience that brought the 2 biggest leagues in the continent together. We worked across 5 cities; L.A., Chicago, Salt Lake City, Houston, and Las Vegas, supporting the logistics of club accommodations and game day operations through the length of the tournament. 

Our company is proud to work hand to hand with MLS and Liga MX to make this exciting new project a reality.



Liga MX clubs participating.


Different cities across the USA.




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